• Door to Door

    This is the most typical taxi cab service of them all, allowing you to see one of our cabs arrive at your location and dispatch you to the required destination.
    Also. the range of our vehicles means that you’ll be able to transport as many people/freight as you’d like.

  • Hourly/Full Day Services

    This service will be extremely useful for any busy city dweller, and especially for those of them who typically have a hectic schedule and want to make multiple stops en route.
    Be sure that on top of the comfort of our fleet of cabs and our drivers’ quick speed and maneuverability, the hourly fees will make your day too!

  • Airport Shuttles

    This service will be very useful for someone as busy as a senior or executive manager, who travel a lot on their business errands and need a scheduled taxi pickup.
    With all of New York’s biggest airports – the Westchester County Airport, JFK. LaGuardia and Newark in our scope, you can fully trust us to show up on time, every time!

  • Child Seats & Pets

    Meant to be a handy courtesy service for parents on the go, our child seats will ensure the safety of your children while you will be driving in one of our cabs!
    Another additional service offers pet owners to safely transport their four-legged friends inside the cab while paying a reasonable extra for that.

  • Out of Town Trips

    Given that we have a wide range transportation-ready vehicles in our fleet, we are always open to being committed to out-of-town trips, per your request.
    However, this does not mean that we can drive anywhere. Typically we accept orders that are in range of 200 miles from Greenwich, CT.

  • Corporate Accounts

    In case your company needs to provide transportation services to numerous employees on a daily, or at least a regular basis, then this service is for you!
    We’re ready to commit as many vehicles for your company so that all of the transportation needs that you and your employees have will be met.